Edit Checkout Wording when "Address Prefill" is enabled

When the "Prefill the Shipping address fields with the selected pickup location address" is enabled, the shipping address form will have the address of the selected location in the date picker.

Perhaps the prefilled location address in the checkout page is not that visible because the wording says "Shipping address":

If you would like to modify the “Shipping address” title for your customers in their selected language in your store, you could follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Theme and click on Edit code
  2. Click on Locales > Add new locale
  3. Duplicate the file: en.default.json (if the language is English)
    1. The first two letters before "default" denote the language. So, in case you need to fix this for other languages, you need to duplicate every file.
  4. Add the file name: en-CA
  5. Replace the full content of en-CA.json with the following:

{ "shopify": {

"checkout": {

"contact": {

"phone_label": "Your phone number",

"optional_phone_label": "Your phone number (optional)",

"phone_placeholder": "Your phone number",

"optional_phone_placeholder": "Your phone number (optional)",

"shipping_address_title": "Pickup address",

"first_name_label": "Your first name",

"optional_first_name_label": "Your first name (optional)",

"first_name_placeholder": "Your first name (optional)",

"optional_first_name_placeholder": "Your first name",

"last_name_label": "Your last name",

"optional_last_name_label": "Your last name (optional)",

"last_name_placeholder": "Your last name",

"optional_last_name_placeholder": "Your last name (optional)"


"delivery_options": {

"shipping_address": "Pickup address"


"thank_you": {

"marker": {

"shipping": "Pickup address",

"current": "Pickup address"


"shipping_address_title": "Pickup address",

"order_updates_subscribe_to_email_notifications": "Get pickup updates by email",

"order_updates_subscribe_to_phone_notifications": "Get pickup updates by email or SMS",

"order_updates_subscribe_to_email_or_phone_notifications": "Get pickup updates by SMS"


"general": {

"continue_to_shipping_method": "Continue",

"back_to_shipping_method": "Back",

"edit_shipping_address": "Edit",

"edit_shipping_method": "Edit"


"order_summary": {

"free_shipping_discount_label": "Free pickup",

"shipping_label": "Store Pickup"


"shipping": {

"title": "Store Pickup",

"waiting_on_rate_notice": "Please wait while we fetch available pickup rates...",

"no_rates_for_cart_or_destination_notice": "Pickup is not available for your cart or destination.",

"no_rates_for_country_notice": "We do not offer pickups in {{ country }}.",

"please_enter_your_shipping_information_notice": "Please go back to the shopping cart page and choose a pickup location."


"payment": {

"same_billing_address_label": "Please use the option below ⬇"


"shipping_title": "Store Pickup"




The editor might show errors, but that’s fine. Save it anyway!

Then, when selecting the store pickup at checkout, the wording will be changed:

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