Available Days

Looking to disable specific dates? Take a look at: Specific date availabilities

Enable or disable days of the week

On the "Available dates" page, you'll come across the "Available days" section. This section empowers you to specify the days of the week when your store will be either accessible or unavailable.

In the example below, Saturdays and Sundays are unavailable:

This is how the calendar would look like to your customers:

Enabling the delivery method selector

In the "Available dates" section you will find the "Delivery methods", check the option or options you want to offer: Local delivery and/or Store pickup.

If you enable both options, you can use the arrows on the right side to determine which method will be displayed first in the widget:

Enable or disable days of the week per delivery method

For better order handling, you can define different available days for Local delivery and Store pickup.

The available days will be reflected in the calendar depending on the selected delivery method.

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