What to do if you received an order without a selected date or time slot

If you're currently on our legacy install method, you might have noticed an issue where some orders are not tagged with a date.

This occurs specifically for customers with a slow or unstable mobile connection, as our widget's script might take longer to load. In such cases, customers might be able to add items to the cart or proceed to the checkout page without seeing the date picker.

To solve this issue, all you have to do is use our new way to load the date picker's script: App Embed.

  1. Switch to the App Embed install method

    If you installed Buunto before May 2023, you are probably using the install via ScriptTag you should upgrade to the App Embed install method. The App Embed method will load the date picker in priority and it should therefore appear straight after the page is loaded. This mostly solves the issue.

    Please navigate to the Widget placement section, select "Installation via App Embed", then follow the steps as explained in our installation guide.

  2. Use the Theme App Extension (optional)

    You'll get most of the benefit by simply switching to App Embed (as shown in step 1.), however, the problem might still happen on rare occasions because of the time it takes to fetch the date picker settings from our servers.

    Using our Theme App Extension to position the date picker in your theme should solve this issue. When using this method, the date picker will disable the 'Add to cart' or 'Checkout' button while the settings are getting loaded, therefore preventing the user from continuing without having selected a date.

    Please follow our guide to install the Theme App Extension.

    Once installed, make sure the option "Disable buttons while loading" is checked.

Other common reasons

  1. The “Buy it now” button is enabled. If you are displaying Buunto on the cart page and the express checkout button (a.k.a. "Buy it now" button) is enabled on your product page and allows users to go straight to the checkout page and therefore skip the step where they have a chance to select a date. You can either disable the button (it's usually an option on your theme) or place Buunto on the product page instead. You'll find more information on this documentation page.

  2. The cart notification “Checkout” button is visible. Some themes (e.g. Dawn) show a popup when adding a product to the cart having a Check out button. If you’re displaying Buunto on the cart page this allows you to skip the cart page where customers can select a date. To fix this issue you can either remove this button or place Buunto on the product page. Unfortunately, there is no option on the theme to remove this button on the theme, the code needs to be modified (usually in cart-notification.liquid ) to remove the corresponding HTML or add CSS to hide it. If you’re not comfortable doing that our theme will be glad to help you, please drop us an email at support@buunto.com.

  3. Quick “Add to cart” button. When placing Buunto on the product page you what to make sure the “Quick add” option is disabled on your theme. This button allows you to add a product to the cart without visiting the product page so your customer won’t have a chance to select a date or time. You will find this option in the theme editor in the section displaying products with the quick add button.

  4. Error check compatibility issue. If you're having an issue where, even though Buunto is displayed, it’s allowing your customers to add the product to the cart or go to the checkout without having selected a date.
    1. If that’s the case, make sure the option “Show an error message if a date hasn't been selected” is checked in Settings > Widget design.
    2. If this option is on and Buunto is still not showing an error when trying to checkout without having selected a date it’s because there might be a compatibility issue with your theme or with another app. In this case, you can enable the “Error check compatibility mode” in Settings > Widget design > Error settings. It will disable the “Add to cart” or “Check out” button until the date is selected. If that’s still not working please get in touch with us at support@buunto.com, and we’ll see what we can do. It sometimes needs a few technical tweaks.

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