Installation guide (via App Embed)

Step 1 – Load the widget's script on your theme

This step only loads to the date picker on your theme. It can be enabled safely. You can chose to show the date picker later on once you're ready.

1. Open the admin panel by clicking on Apps then Buunto – Date & Time Slot

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Widget placement section.

  2. Click "Select theme."

  3. Then chose the theme you wish to install the date picker for.

And finally, click on "Go to the app Embed settings". This will take you to the theme editor in order to enable our script.

  1. Once, on the Theme Editor, enable "Buunto – Date & Time Slot" (the switch needs to black), then click save at the top-right corner.

  2. After that, you can close the Theme Editor tab and go back to Buunto's admin panel to finish the set up.

Step 2 – Chose which page to display the widget

On the Widget placement page, select which page you would like the date picker to appear on. It can either be displayed on the Product page or the Cart page.

Step 3 – Place the date picker widget

  1. Navigate to the Widget placement page and scroll down to the Placement method section.
  2. Select your preferred placement method.
  3. Click Save.

Option 1: Placement via Theme App Extension

When using an Online Store 2.0 the easiest placement method might be to use our Theme App extension to place the date picker. Please follow the Theme App Extension guide

Option 2: Place the widget automatically

This works for both Online Store 2.0 and Vintage themes. The date picker will be placed automatically on the page you selected (wither the product page, or the cart page) once the widget is enabled.

If you want to change the position of the date picker, you can either do that via Theme App Extension (option 1) or manual placement (option 3).

Some themes are not compatible with the automatic placement and might be difficult to achieve using the manual placement (option 3). If that's the case for you don't hesitate to contact our support team at We'll do our best to make it work for your theme!

Option 3: Place the widget manually (advanced)

This option lets you place the date picker using a CSS selector. This requires some coding knowledge please follow our documentation page for more details. If you require our assistance with it, we'll be happy to help! Just drop us a line at

Step 4 – Enable the date picker

Up until now, the date picker was hidden on your store. If you're ready, you can now enable it!

  1. Navigate to the Widget placement page and scroll down to the Widget's visibility section.
  2. Select Show the widget.
  3. Click Save.

Step 5 (optional) – Only show the date picker for certain products

You can show the date picker only for products having a particular tag or being in a particular collection. For more information, please go to our documentation page.

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