Resolve conflicts with other apps

One of our functionalities prevents a customer from adding a product to the cart or proceeding to the checkout without having selected a date or a time slot.

By default, the check is triggered from the form's submit event. But sometimes other apps change the way the forms work and the submit event is never triggered. That means that our error check is never called and the customers are able to proceed without selecting a date and time slot.

There are two ways to solve this.

Solution 1: non-technical fix

In the Widget settings section, check the box Error check compatibility mode.

This will display the errors straightaway when loading the page and disable the submit button. When the date and time slot are selected it will enable the submit button again. You'll find more information in the Error settings documentation.

Solution 2: technical fix to be applied by the conflicting app provider

If this fix is done correctly you will get the intended behaviour: the error will show after clicking the Add to cart or Checkout button.

We have a checkErrors function available that allows you to trigger the date picker checks and display the errors if there are any. This can be called by the conflicting app when the submit button is clicked.


This function will display the date picker errors and return true if there are errors and the form submission should be stopped, and false if there aren't any errors.

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