Error settings

These options are in Settings [navigation panel on the left] > Widget design > Error settings.

Change the error colors

You can use the options below to change the colors of the errors.

To preview the look of the errors. Simply check the options on the Preview card.

Display the error as an overlay.

The error is inserted under the date picker's field when unchecked, pushing the content below it. This is sometimes not ideal as it will often move the Checkout or Add to Cart just after clicking it if an error is displayed.

When clicking "Display error as an overlay," the error is displayed on top of the widget. It doesn't move the elements below it.

Compatibility mode

Some apps may conflict with our date picker widget. It often happens with some "product options" apps when the date picker is displayed on the product page or with some "quantity discount" apps when the date picker is displayed on the cart page. The conflict will make the error check ineffective and allow customers to checkout without selecting a date or time slot. 

In compatibility mode, the errors will be displayed on the page straight away, and the Add to Cart or Checkout button will be disabled. The error will be cleared as the user selects a date or time slot. When no more errors are displayed, the checkout button becomes available.

In the example above, the Add to Cart button is disabled until a Date and a Delivery time have been chosen.

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