Can I use different cutoff times for delivery and pickup?

It is possible to create different cutoff times for deliveries and pickups in Buunto Date Picker. 

To set this up, you will have to create time slots with different preparation times.

If you are not planning to use different time slots in the day, you can still create a single time slot for the whole day. 

Make sure that you already have created available dates for Delivery and Pickup.

1. Create a time slot

  • Tick the option "Enable the time slot selector"
  • Create one or many time slot options as desired 

2. Set preparation time (Cutoff time)

  • Scroll down to the section 'Time slots lead time'
  • You can now set a lead time for delivery and pickup options.

The preparation times are defined in hours. For example 2 days would translate to 48 hours.

Make sure to save your new settings.

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