How to use custom settings

Custom settings is a functionality of Buunto that allows you to create different settings for different products. For example you can define a set of Custom settings that will only be applied for products in the Flower collection or for products that have the tag Cake, etc.

Custom settings can be used to define specific Available dates, Time slots, Messages, Delivery surcharges, Pickup locations, or the calendar's one-off/disabled dates or time slots. If you define one of those settings under a specific Custom setting then it will be used for any product matching the filters. Otherwise, the default settings will be used.

To set up custom settings, you'll first have to create a new filtering rule. In your Buunto Date Picker admin, go on Settings > Custom settings. Then click on Create new custom settings.

The following popup should appear. You can chose whether the Custom settings will be filtering by Product (collections, tags or option) and/or by Pickup Location. If you are not sure what those are please check Shopify's documentation: Collections, Product tags, Product variants, and Setting up pickup for online orders.

You can select multiple collections, multiple tags if required, or multiple locations. Once you're happy with your filters, click "Create". Don't forget to click "Save" at the bottom of the page as well.

You have now created a Custom setting. You can configure as many as you need.

Let's say we have defined a custom setting for the "Flowers" collection. We can then navigate to one of the supported settings sections to set different settings for our newly defined Custom settings.

For example, go to Settings > Available dates. You will see a new selector at the top of the screen.

Default covers all the settings that have already been defined so far, and they will be applied if no Custom settings are applicable to a given product. From the dropdown menu, you can now select our newly defined custom settings:

Once selected, any settings that you defined below will only be applied to the products matching the filters of the Custom settings. For example, you can define a different set of settings for the "Flowers" custom settings like below:

If you switch back to Default, you will still have the settings you had defined previously:

Priority order

When products matching different Custom settings are in the cart at the same time, only one Custom setting will be applied. The priority is determined by the order of the settings in the list.

In the example above, there are two products in the cart: one in the Flowers collection, one in the Members-only collection. The Flowers Custom setting is applied because it's at the top of the list. If you'd like Members-only to be applied first, simply move it above Flowers.

Note that the default setting has the lowest priority. Any Custom setting will be applied in order of priority, and if no Custom setting matches, then the Default setting is applied.

If you have any questions regarding this, don't hesitate to contact our support team, we'll be happy to help!

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