Order selection API

This endpoint allows to retrieve the selected date for an order.

GET https://datepicker.buunto.com/orders/{orderId}/selection?shop={shopDomain}

  • orderId is the long order number. For example: 5547995693254
  • shopDomain is the myshopify domain name. For example: sylvain-prod.myshopify.com

Here is an example response:

    "status": "SELECTION_FOUND",
    "selection": {
        "method": "SHIPPING",
        "date": "2024-03-28",
        "timeSlot": {
            "from": "10:00",
            "to": "11:00"

Status has 3 possible values:

  • ORDER_NOT_PROCESSED: This means this order hasn't yet reached Buunto's servers. Please note that Buunto will hang for up to 30 seconds while waiting for the order to arrive. This should leave enough time in most cases. After 30 seconds, this status will be shown.
  • NO_SELECTION: The order has been received and there was no date or time slot attached to it.
  • SELECTION_FOUND: The selection has been received and should be in the "selection" property.
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