How does Buunto's usage-based pricing work?

Our plans are usage-based. You'll have access to all the features regardless of the chosen plan (even with the free version!).

Unless you've chosen the Unlimited plan, you will see the following usage indicator on the settings home page.

When your quota is fully used up, the date picker stops showing on your store. When that happens, simply change to a bigger plan to re-enable it instantly. Ideally, you should upgrade your plan before that happens to avoid any issues.

We'll send you an email to remind you to upgrade your plan after your quota reaches 80% and 100%.

Only the orders tagged with a date will be counted.

The counter will reset to 0 at the beginning of each month.

You can change your plan at any point in time. If you're going from a paid plan to another, you will be charged proportionally.

When deleting our app or going from a paid plan to a free plan, depending on where you are in Shopify's billing cycle, one last charge might occur for the current 30-day period after deleting our app. For more information about Shopify's billing cycling please have a look at this documentation page.

When an order is cancelled it won't be counted towards the quota. So if you just installed Buunto, don't hesitate to make test orders to ensure everything is properly set up. All you have to do is cancel the order and the usage will start from zero.

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