How to use delivery surcharges

Our Delivery Surcharge feature us to add a surcharge for the delivery or pickup cost for certain days. This feature will automatically add a product selected as a delivery surcharge to the cart depending on the selected day. We opted for this solution as it can easily be used in parallel with other, more complex, shipping rate apps.

  1. Create delivery surcharge product

First, you need to create a normal product in your shop within Shopify's admin. For example, you could create a product called 'Saturday delivery' for $2.

Make sure it's active, published and has unlimited stock.

Note - you can either create multiple products or create a single product with multiple options. For example:

2. Assign a product to a day of the week

In Buunto's admin area, navigate to the Delivery surcharges section.

Click on Create a new delivery surcharge.

Select the day where you want the delivery surcharge product to be applied then select the product.

Click save at the top of the screen.

Note 1 - you can make a more complex set up. Here is an example:

Note 2 - if you offer the choice between delivery and store pickup, it's possible to set up different charges.

3.  You're all set up!

When your customer chooses a date where a charge product was assigned, that product will be automatically added to the cart. And if your customer then changes the date for another day, that product will be removed from the cart.

4. Change the Surcharge cost placeholder default value (optional)

By default, the surcharge cost placeholder value will display a dash. However, if you want to display a different value or simply leave it blank, you can edit it in the app’s Settings > Text and Languages; you will find this field labeled as “Surcharge cost placeholder”. 

5. Apply the surcharge for a limited period of time

This is especially useful if you want to offer an "Express Delivery" option to your customers. You could for example have the following set up:

This means that if the customer chooses a delivery for the same day or the next day, an extra $10 will be added to their order.

For example, this is what the customer sees when making an order on January 23:

This feature allows combining multiple charges. For example, we could define the following:

  • Express delivery for $10
  • Standard weekday delivery for $6
  • Express Saturday delivery for $12
  • Standard Saturday delivery for $8

There is also an option to add a “+” sign before the surcharge cost, so the customers can better understand that the surcharge price is an extra cost they have to pay:

The Cutoff time parameter allows pushing the surcharge by one day when making the order after the cutoff time. For example, if the express delivery is set to '2 days' and the cutoff time is '18:00' then:

  • when the customer makes an order before 6 PM for a selected date 2 days away from now there won't be an express delivery charge
  • when choosing the same date after 6 PM, the express delivery charge applies.

6. Limitations

There are a few known issues.

  • In cart mode, after selecting the date, if the customer clicks the Checkout button and returns to the cart page, the delivery charge item will be shown in the cart. However, when refreshing the page it will go away.  This is the expected behaviour as no date was selected. This shouldn't cause any real issues as the user will have to select a date again before going to the checkout pages again.
  • In product mode, the customer chooses a date before adding the product to the cart, which means that the delivery charge will be added straight away to the cart. Then when navigating to the cart, the delivery charge item will already be showing as a line item. The issue is that, at that point, the user will be able to remove the delivery surcharge item manually if they wanted to. They then will be able to proceed to the checkout without paying the charge. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple way to prevent an item from being removed from the cart. A good workaround for this issue could be to modify the template of your theme to hide the "remove" button and hide the quantity update field. However, there isn't one way to do this as every theme is different... This will require coding knowledge.
  • In product mode, if the option "Date appears deselected at first" in Widget settings is unchecked, the delivery charge might get added automatically to the cart if the first available date has a shipping charge defined. After navigating to the next page, that charge will get cleared from the cart. However, if the next page was the cart the delivery surcharge will remain visible in the cart but will be gone after navigating to the checkout. To mitigate this issue we recommend checking the option "Date appears deselected at first".
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