How to disable the cart drawer or popup

Why disable the cart drawer or popup?

If you're using a custom theme for your store and you've chosen to display our date/time slot picker on the cart page then you may want to disable the "cart drawer" or "cart popup" feature on your custom theme. This option is offered on some themes to allows your customers to access their cart from any page of the shop. It either slides from the side of the screen or shows as a popup. Our app is compatible with this feature if you are on one of the free themes by Shopify. However, most custom themes use a technology which makes it impossible to plug our widget into them. If you disable this feature your customers will have to use the usual cart page where the date picker will show so you can make sure they select a date.

Alternatively, if you want to keep using the cart drawer or popup feature you can set our widget to show on the product page instead.

How to disable the cart drawer or popup?

It varies depending on the theme but usually this is going to be an option to change within the theme's settings:

  • Go on your shop's admin area;
  • Go on Online Store > Theme; Then click Customize;
  • In the theme editor, at the bottom left of the screen, click on Theme settings;
  • In the Theme settings panel, look for "cart type", "cart drawer" or "cart popup" option. For example, in the popular theme called Boundless, the option is called Cart type, you need to set it to Page instead of Drawer:

If you are unable to find this setting, you may contact your theme developer.

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